マルは本が好きだから、読書の秋が好きなんだ〜 読書の秋は、マルの秋 ♪

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the sun will rise and bring a new day

Nija ★ she/her ★ 21 ★ Germany ★ aromantic

~ Youtaite, artist, writer, editor
~ English & Theology student
~ this timeline's token genki girl
~ wannabe idol
~ pretty stupid
~ always up for making new friends!

hello, I'm Nija and I like to sing! if you found this carrd, that means you've found my idol side account - I mainly made it because my main is private and I wanted a way to reply to people who don't follow me, but I'm glad I have a space for all the idol things at once now. also I finally get to use this @.

it's mostly going to be retweets, so don't expect me to talk much, that's what my main is for. when I do, though, feel free to reply or just start a conversation in general! let's be friends ♪

my main idol fandoms are Love Live! and BanG Dream!, but occasionally you might see things from Ensemble Stars, Idolm@ster (mainly Cinderella Girls), Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight, & whatever else I find myself getting invested in!

things I know but I cannot put in words

Hanamaru is my ultimate favourite character ♥

I want to face the world

some more good girls & boys ♪

you'll tell my feelings

the only page that actually matters ♪

the sky will surely clear

collection of dream cards

good night to everyone

links to places not so far away ✿